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PTS of M1 series capacity from 25 to 160 kVA

Price: 8000 $

Designed for power supply of small manufactures, cottage settlements and individual dwellings zones in networks with insulated neutral on the 6 (10) kV side and dead-earthed neutral on the 0.4 kV side.

  • Minimum overall dimensions make it possible to fit the PTS of M1 series in a single body frame.
  • PTS realization to the customer «on a turnkey basis».
  • Minimum production time.
  • Compactness.
  • Possibility of delivery by rail or road transport.
  • Easy to install, additional service of erection supervision works is available.

PTS of M1 series are supplied in the form of prefabricated ready-to-operate all-welded framework. The equipping of PTS of M1 series includes the following compartments:

  • Power transformer compartment.
  • Low-voltage switchgear compartment 0.4 kV.
  • Medium voltage compartment 6(10).
  • After installing the PTS, the connection of power transformer (is supplied as part of package and transported separately), connection of MV, LV cables and earthing is required.

The framework of the PTS is made of a 3 mm thick welded metal profile, and all external walls are made of 2 mm thick sheet metal with increased corrosion resistance. During the manufacture of the PTS body frame, the metal sheets passed through high-performance and accuracy class machining equipment, workpiece area, welding area, painting shop and the machine assembly shop.

The body frame is coated with powder paints RAL 7035 and RAL 5005. In the process of calculating the substation were applied criteria of service life, humidity resistance, fire safety and structural strength.

+38056 731-95-73
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