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Outdoor packaged transformer substation

PTS-35/10 (0.4) UHL1 (Moderately Cold Climate) Modular, outdoor

Price: 1000 $

MPTS is used for power supply of industrial and utility users, agricultural regions, large-scale constructions and transports, and also on 35 kV side of large network substations.

  • Complete units’ separation by functional purpose.
  • Unified overall dimensions for road transportation.
  • Rigid busbar arrangement with aluminum-alloy pipes.
  • The equipment is mounted on a prepared concrete pad.

Receipt, transit, transformation and distribution of electric energy of a three-phase alternating current of 50 Hz commercial frequency at a rated voltage of 35 kV.

Open distribution devices 35 kV are made of blocks consisting of metal supporting framework. High-voltage equipment and components of auxiliary circuits are mounted on them.

  • SPD unit (nonlinear surge protection device);
  • support insulator unit;
  • switch unit;
  • disconnector unit;
  • current transformer unit;
  • voltage transformer unit;
  • overhead circuit reception unit;
  • power transformer protection unit;
  • substation control house;
  • busbar arrangement;
  • lightning protection devices, grounding, lighting, fencing, cable structures.
+38056 731-95-73
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