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Input switching devices X-Line series

Price: 3000 $
  • Outgoing lines protection during overloads and short circuits.
  • Automatic (manual) reserve switching.
  • Voltage network monitoring.
  • Ability to connect the autonomous backup source (diesel power station).
  • Measurement of electrical energy parameters, its accounting and remote monitoring.
  • Power factor compensation.
  • Network protection against impulse overvoltages (class B (B + C)).
  • Power supply of small industrial enterprises, shopping malls, residential and commercial buildings.
  • A compact solution for electric power input and distribution for networks up to 1000 V.
  • All functional units (automated input device, installation of power factor compensation, input switching device) are located in a single construction, their work is fully aligned with each other, providing maximum protection for consumers.
  • All conductive parts of the input switching device protected from direct contact by operating and maintenance personnel.
  • Input of power supply by cable is from below.
  • Busbar arrangement is performed with copper busbars.
  • Cabinets installed on the cable channel or plinth.
  • The side wall of the device allowed the installation of fused load break switch or industrial connector for mobile diesel power station.
  • The design of installation of power factor compensation unit allows maintaining and carrying out live-wire repair.
  • Input switching devices of X-Line series are equipped with a system of natural or artificial ventilation as per standard.
  • Also available the following functions: temperature control of conductive part heating, alarm and protection from fire, accidents and shutdowns history.
  • X-Line cabinets made from all-welded metal structures with removable side, upper, back walls and doors.
  • The metal structure frameworks and removal parts are coated with powder paint RAL 7035 (7032) color.
  • Standard section height 1800 mm, section width 800/1000 mm, section depth 600 mm.
  • Metal thickness – doors, frame 2 mm, side, back and upper walls – 1,5 mm.
  • Each cabinet can additionally be equipped with 100 (200) mm high plinth.
  • The design that allows safe and secure carrying out of connection even by low-skilled personnel (connection time is not more than 45 minutes).
  • Temperature control of conductive part heating (temperature sensors).
  • Special kit for reliable and rapid grounding of the device.
  • Built-in protection against lightning overvoltage (optional).
  • Fire alarm, autonomous fire fighting unit Fire Stop (optional).
  • Blocking the execution of switching operations with the door open (optional).
  • Switching devices at the customer’s choice: Eaton; ETI.
  • Control functions: automated input device controller; power factor compensation controller; controller for use of stand-by renewable energy source (optional); temperature control and switching off the input automatic on exceeding the maximum permissible value (optional).
  • History of breakdowns/failures/ switching/shutdowns/ output of electric power parameters for standardized parameters (optional).
  • Warranty 5 years from the sales date subject to the manufacturer’s specialists maintenance service. The first year of service is included in the cost of the equipment.
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