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Stream Line

Main distribution boards up to 1000 A StreamLine series

Price: 4500 $

The equipment used to distribute electrical energy at large industrial and agricultural facilities, city’s infrastructure facilities, trade networks and other facilities where there is a need for reliable power supply to the end user.

  • A compact solution for electric power input and distribution for networks up to 1000 V.
    Separation of cabinets according to functional purposes – incoming, incoming with sectioning, distribution and input-distribution.
  • Cabinets are supplied for one, two and three inputs.
  • Clear sectioning of functional areas: partitioning forms from 2 to 4.
  • Protection of operating personnel against accidental contact with conductive parts.
    Input of power supply by busbars – from above, by cable – from above or from below.
  • Busbar arrangement is performed with copper or aluminum busbars.
  • Cabinets installed on the cable channel or plinth.
  • Compactness and the combined functionality save space, which make it possible to reduce the size of the switchboard room.
  • Control of input and sectional automatic circuit breakers is carried out with the door closed, the control of feeder automatic circuit breakers and distribution units (fuse-disconnecting switch) is possible in two ways: with closed or open door (is determined while ordering).
  • Outgoing lines protection during overloads and short circuits.
  • Automatic or manual reserve switching.
  • Measurement of electrical energy parameters, its accounting and remote monitoring.
  • Power factor compensation.
  • Network protection against impulse overvoltages (class B (B + C)).
  • Possibility of electric power calculation meters installation, which are included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Ukraine.
  • StreamLine cabinets made from all-welded metal structures with removable side, upper, back walls and doors.
  • The metal structure frameworks and removal parts are coated with powder paint RAL 7035
    (7032) color.
  • Cable entry from above or below.
  • Standard section height 1800 mm, section width 400/600/800 mm, section depth 450/600 mm.
  • Metal thickness – doors, frame 2 mm, side, back and upper walls – 1,5 mm.
  • Each cabinet can additionally be equipped with 100 (200) mm high plinth.
+38056 731-95-73
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