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PTS of MODULE series capacity from 250 to 1600 kVA

Price: 8000 $

Designed for power supply of housing and utility, infrastructure, industrial facilities, as well as cottage settlements and individual dwellings zones in networks with insulated neutral on the 6 (10) kV side and dead-earthed neutral on the 0.4 kV side.

  • Configuring of component parts – modules allows:

— to implement any scheme in 10 kV and 0.4 kV electrical grids;

—  to increase the speed of PTS manufacturing due to the unification of modules and their interconnection;

—  possibility of future replacement of modules (for grid development);

— to increase the convenience of transportation and loading and unloading operations;

— to have permanent stock of PTS components.

  • PTS realization to the customer «on a turnkey basis».
  • Minimum production time.
  • Compactness.
  • Possibility of delivery by rail or road transport (maximum width of the transport module is 2400 mm).
  • Easy to install, additional service of erection supervision works is available.

PTS of MODULE series are supplied in the form of compartments-modules. Each module can be swapped and add new modules to an existing configuration, which allows to change the PTS scheme during operation. PTS of MODULE series has the ability of connection to cable and aerial lines.

The configuration of the packaged transformer substation “Module” depends on:

  • power of transformer (250-1600 kVA);
  • number of transformers;
  • equipping and configuration of the low voltage compartment (LV) (low voltage switchgear, PowerLine, StreamLine);
  • equipping of medium voltage compartment (schemes: dead-end, transit, with metering at MV).

PTS contains a transformer compartment, medium and low voltage compartments, which are separated by metal partitions and have separate doors for maintenance.

The transformer compartment provides the installation of a power transformer in it both with dry and with oil insulation of the windings, OT type (oil transformer), OIT (oil-insulated transformer), DT (dry-type transformer), of the required power.

The MV compartment is equipped with MVC series cells manufactured by EDS-ENGINEERING.

The LV compartment is equipped with the line of low-voltage switchgear series, PowerLine, StreamLine, according to the requirements for equipping and configuration of a 0.4 kV switchgear.

All stages of production are carried out at the capacities of EDS-ENGINEERING, they include the stages of development, welding, painting, assembly, quality control.

The manufacture of a 0.4 kV switchgear is performed according to the technical assignment for manufacturing or questionnaire.

It may be possible to install in the PTS electricity metering both from the MV side and from the LV side.

The PTS construction design has openings and louvres for ventilation as well as for cooling of installed equipment inside the compartments. In some cases, the transformer chamber can be equipped with an axial-flow induced-draft fan.

The framework of the PTS is made of a 3 mm thick curved metal profile, and all external walls are made of 2 mm thick sheet metal with increased corrosion resistance. During the manufacture of the PTS body frame, the metal sheets passed through high-performance and accuracy class machining equipment, workpiece area, welding area, painting shop and the machine assembly shop.

The body frame is coated with powder paints RAL 7035 and RAL 5005. In the process of calculating the substation were applied criteria of service life, humidity resistance, fire safety and structural strength.

+38056 731-95-73
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